Owens Corning Surenail® Technology

The Owens Corning TruDefinition® Duration® Shingle with Surenail® Technology

We just finished a training session with Owens Corning and we are more excited than ever to offer our customers the Owens Corning TruDefinition® Duration® shingle with Surenail® Technology. This is a premium shingle equipped with 2x the bond strength of a standard shingle thanks to the impressive Surenail® Technology.  The Surenail® strip cannot be torn—if you don’t believe it, ask us to bring a piece with us during your free in-home, no obligation estimate and we’ll let you try to tear it!

Watch this video below from Owens Corning about Surenail® Technology:

Installing your roof with Surenail® Technology

With the Surenail® strip, we can GUARANTEE that every nail goes where its supposed to go which means a higher quality install and a longer lasting roof.  The wider and more visible nailing surface gives our professional installers the ability to secure your shingle without any high nails.  The average roof has between 7,000 and 9,000 nails so if even 5% of the nails are high that means that 450 nails could be out of place.  This increases the risk of delamination of your shingles and decreases the quality of your new roof.

Give us a call or request your free estimate now!  Don’t sacrifice quality on your home!

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