– Got Leaks? Here are 3 reasons not to wait to call a pro!

Do you think you have a leak in your roof? Did you know that even a small leak can cause a BIG problem for your home?

There are many different household issues that you can wait on such as freshening up the paint in the living room or replacing that old counter top but a leak in your roof should be at the top of your home maintenance list.  Leaks can happen for a number of reasons such as a poor roof installation, storm, wind or hail damage, and normal wear and tear—if your roof is 20 to 30 years old then it might be time to look into a full replacement.
A leak is basically a constant intrusion of water into the ‘bones’ of your home.  It starts off by allowing  water to get into your attic.  The water will then travel along the rafters and any other horizontal surface eventually working it’s way down to the foundation of the home leaving a path of damage and potential health and safety risks along the way.
So what types of problems are we talking about?  The follow 3 problems can arise from one tiny little roof leak and are definitely reasons not to wait to call a pro:

Health Risks

The most concerning health issue that can arise from water seeping into your home is caused from mold and mildew.  Once mold begins to grow, it can spread fast and into various parts of the home like the HVAC system and can even get into your furniture, carpet and clothing.  Allergic reactions, upper respiratory problems and lung irritation are common reactions to mold exposure accord to the EPA.

Damage to your home’s structural integrity

The next issue that arises from a constant water intrusion is damage to the structure of the home.  As we stated earlier, the first place the water seeps into is your attic so water damage occurring there could cause rotten wood as well as damaging items stored in your attic.  Your interior ceilings are the next to suffer which, if left unattended, could result in the need for sheetrock repairs, paint and even ceiling fan and light replacements.  As the water continues to run rampant in the walls of the home, structural damage can occur such as rafter, ceiling joist and wall frame damage.  What started out as a ‘small leak’ has now become a BIG problem.

Expensive Repairs and Wasted Energy

A well insulated attic is instrumental in keeping energy costs down but water intrusion in the insulated area can cause it to become saturated with water (think wet sponge here) and it can take a long time to dry out.  This will result in higher utility bills as the insulation breaks down and is unable to do it’s job of keeping the hot or cool air in.
All of the health risks mentioned as well as the damage to your home and structural integrity only leave you reaching deeper into your pocket to cover expenses accrued from what started as one small leak.
So, don’t procrastinate if you have a leak.  Call us and have our professionals come out and fix your leak before costly issues arise.  We don’t want you to suffer the damage that could result from waiting, call us or fill out the form to the right TODAY!

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