– Exterior Home Maintenance: From Top to Bottom

Your refrigerator and pantry are packed and the car is full of gas but is your home storm ready?  Just like your car, your home requires regular maintenance to ensure it’s in tiptop shape.  We have gathered some tips and created an Exterior Home Maintenance Checklist for you to follow.
This is the time of year that people start preparing for hurricane season.  With Irma looming in the distance, grocery stores are full of anxious patrons and gas stations are resembling parking lots.  When it’s time to take shelter in your home, you want to feel safe and confident that your home will withstand the storm.
As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure that preventative maintenance is done on your home and that any necessary repairs are completed.
Living in a coastal city, we experience severe weather more often than we would like so it’s imperative that your home is in tiptop condition so it can weather even the strongest storms. 
Exterior Home Maintenance—From Top to Bottom
The Roof
We highly suggest that you do not to get on your roof.  One slip of the foot and you could suffer from a fall and we never want your safety to be compromised.  With that said, we do think it’s important that you look at your roof, inspect it and have a pro complete any repairs.  Get out your digital camera (or phone) and take some pictures.  This way you can zoom in and even compare pictures from previous years to see changes.
When you are looking at the pictures, make sure to focus your attention on your shingles ensuring there are none missing, cracked or damaged or out of line.  Now look at your chimney, dormers (if you have them), and any other features on your roof and pay attention to the flashing.  If it just doesn’t look right, call a pro to inspect.  Lastly, look at the valleys or areas where different sloped sections meet.  This is common place for debris such as pine needles or even water to collect and sit which you do not want.  Taking a peek into your attic from the inside of your home is an added bonus for inspecting.  Any discolored wood could indicate a leak and fixing it sooner than later would stop it from damaging any other places in the home.
The Home
Walk around your home and inspect.  Here is a checklist to use while you are walking around:
  • Check the fascia and soffit to make sure the flashing is still correctly in place
  • Check the gutters and downspouts to ensure no debris is blocking them
  • Check the siding for damage and general maintenance needs such as painting or power washing
  • Check around windows and doors to ensure seals are still performing and paint isn’t chipping exposing the wood
  • Check your decks, porches or outdoor stairs for any damage that needs attention
  • Finally, check your foundation to make sure water is directed away so it doesn’t intrude in your home.
If you find any issues, call a pro and get all repairs completed in a timely manner.
If you follow this Exterior Home Maintenance Checklist, you are doing the best you can do to protect your home against everyday wear and tear and any storm that comes your way.  You can’t guarantee that there will be no damage but you’ve done your due diligence to protect your home.  It’s important to note that often any damage that occurs from a storm would be covered by your insurance.  We are happy to walk you thorough the steps to perform an insurance claim if needed.

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