-Does shingle color REALLY matter? 3 tips to help you choose the right shingle color for your home.

3 Tips to Help you Choose the Right Shingle Color for your Home

Your roof covers nearly 40% of the exterior of your home! Your shingles can be an expression of your personality and give the first impression of your home. A shingle color that flows well with your homes exterior design plan can also boost curb appeal and resale value.
According to industry research, a common challenge that many homeowners face is how to find a  shingle color that complements their home.
We have gathered a few tips to help you choose a shingle color that will make you happy for years to come.  You can also take the quiz at the end to find the shingle color that most suits your personal style.
Tip # 1: Consider your climate

Generally speaking, light colored roofs reflect heat in the summer which keeps your attic temperature lower where as dark colored roofs tend to absorb heat and transfer it to the rooms below. In our area, we experience extreme heat in the summer months so a reflecting roof would help the air conditioner operate more efficiently which uses less energy and lowers utility bills. In addition, www.energy.gov also recommends lighter-colored roofs for homes in hot climates. *We say ‘generally speaking’ because high quality insulation is important to reduce heat intrusion in the home through the attic.  A well-insulated attic combined with a well-installed, high quality light colored roof shingle would work together to reduce your energy costs.
Tip #2:  Consider your neighbors

Some neighborhoods have requirements for shingle color detailed in the HOA guidelines so that should be considered first before settling on a shingle color.  You should also take a look at the homes around you and what their roofs look like.  Depending on whether or not your want your home to stand out or blend with the rest can be a deciding factor between a bold and dramatic shingle or a more basic color.
Tip #3:  Consider your personal style
We have attached a quiz here to help you determine your personal style if you are not sure but following what you like is critical in making the right decision about your shingle color.  Do you prefer bold colors or subtle classic colors?  Do you mix patterns or prefer to keep it simple?  The rest of your home’s exterior design will be a reflection of your personal style so a matching roof is essential in creating your dream home exterior.  If your home’s facing feature is multicolored bricks then roofing shingles with a multicolored blend may not be a good choice.  A good rule with pattern mixing is to combine a larger print with a small print in a color complementary color.
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